Bangkok International Airport (Don Muang) has four (4) cargo terminals managed by 2 Handling agents
TAGS (Terminal 1 = Import), (Terminal 4 = Export)
TG (Terminal 2 = Import), (Terminal 3 = Export)

The Airlines handled by each agent are as follows:
TAGS Air France, British Airways, Canadian Pacific, Japan Airline, KLM, Lufhansa Quantis, United Airline.
TG Aeroflot, Air India, Air Lanka, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, All Nippon Airways, Asiana, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emiraates, EVA Airways, Federal Express, Finair, Garuda Indonesia, Korean Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Lauda Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Olympic Airways, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SAS, Thai Airways, Virgin

**** For details information please check with local offices.

Rate in the HAWB

The HAWB must always state the actual freight rate (Selling rate to the client). Under no circumstances mention "Freight as Agreed", in this case, The Thai Customs will use the TACT rate for the tax/duty calculation (CIF Value)

Amendments in the AWB
Amendments in the HAWB (rate, no.of pcs, weight, consignee, etc.) will only be accepted by Thai Customs and/or the handling agent (TAGS,TG) with a confirmation telex from the airline (origin station to their Bangkok Office)

Required documents for customs clearance:
  • MAWB (Copy), HAWB (Original), Manifest (Copy)
  • Commercial Invoice 7 - fold (One (1) Original signed and Stamped by shipper, 6 copies)
  • Packing List 7 - fold (One (1) Original signed and Stamped by shipper, 6 copies)
  • Declaration of Origin (to be mentioned in the invoice/packing list)
  • Import License (Depending on the Commodity)

    Required Documents for customs clearance
  • Commercial Invoice 5 - fold (One (1) Original, stamped and signed by the shipper, 4 copies)
  • Packing List 5 - fold (One (1) Original, stamped and signed, 4 copies)
  • Export License (depending on the commodity)
  • Certificate of Origin/GSP Form A (depending on the commodity and destination)

    Transit Shipment to Chiang Mai

    Thai Airways is the only carrier offering cargo service to/from BKK from/to CNX. To achieve the fastest transit time, we recommend using TG service already from the origin station with booking to CNX. In case that not possible, trying to book with an airline handled by TG in Bangkok to avoid delays due to the necessary transfer from different ground service handling agent.

    Transit Shipment to other Countries/Destinations.
    Try to use airlines handled by the same handling agent to avoid delays in transfer.
    **** For detailed information please check with the local offices.